Journey Essay

The surface of this collection is as it appears: a photo documentation of my travels this past year, through America and Europe. I sorted through over 500 photos to select 28 that I loved, but more importantly, fit the vision I was trying to convey. The collection isn’t just “greatest hits,” everything was selected and sorted very intentionally, the clues being in the associated quotes.

This is my visual poetry, and like poetry or art in general it was important that you the viewers established your own emotions and interpretations of my intentions. I wanted the images to speak to you before I revealed what they meant to me.

To me, “Journey” is a story, not just about my travels, but my vision for our walk through life, the people we meet. The decisions we make. It’s less of a message and more of a group of reflections, like a mirror shattered. It is incomplete; it sums up nothing. It’s the distance we feel with the rest of the world until we step out the front door and meet new people; explore new civilizations. Whether it’s traveling to Europe on a honeymoon, starting a job in another state, or your first day at a new school, life is full of journeys.

All it takes is movement.