Born and raised in Colorado. I’ve been writing novels since I was in 5th grade, and have had a few publishings in Literary Magazines. I started writing this blog as “Teaser” entries for my upcoming novel, “The Desert Syns” [working title] but I also include a few short stories and crazy works of non-fiction.
In the past, I had a business relationship with Col. Jack Staples of OTL Radio, and have had one radio broadcast of “The Keepers.”
I recently stepped away from writing to tell stories through photography.

I’m clinically insane and currently living in North Dakota and currently trying to figure out if one has to do with the other. I love family like I’m the Godfather, hate talking about myself, and should not have been given authority to write my own bio.

I will never, ever, be too famous not to care personally about any of my fans.



  1. Just because I beileve I could learn a lot from you, I’m a fan ! I am not grasping all thats being said here, but that’s the exact reason I will read these over and over until I undestand. I think all that cross your path has something to learn from you! I love that your clinically insane!

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