Michaiah Vosberg is a multimedia narrative developer. He is earning a B.F.A. in Creative Writing in Entertainment at Full Sail University. In addition to the Tales and Anecdotes collection of crime fiction and poetry, he’s the author of Flashpoint: Five Slices, available on SMASHWORDS. He’s most likely clinically insane and currently lives in North Dakota, and actively wonders if one has to do with the other. He loves family more than life, hates talking about himself, and shouldn’t have been given authority to curate his own bio.

“I will never, ever, be too famous not to care personally about any of my fans.”



  1. Just because I beileve I could learn a lot from you, I’m a fan ! I am not grasping all thats being said here, but that’s the exact reason I will read these over and over until I undestand. I think all that cross your path has something to learn from you! I love that your clinically insane!

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