Author’s Notes- Thrills and Shivers 2010

First and foremost, I would like to thank Preston Stallings. It was this man that turned me onto the band called He Is Legend, from which every one of these stories are inspired.

He Is Legend is a heavy-metal band that started up in North Carolina, releasing their first EP, “91025” in June 2004. A good part of their lyrics are heavily monster or fairy-tale themed, whether tongue-in-cheek like “Everyone I Know Has Fangs,”  or strictly metaphorical, as shown in “Lair of the Dungeon Witch.”

While listening to these songs, stories took a life of their own, outside of the lyrical content. I imagined a Frankenstein story while listening to “Electronic Throat,” a zombie apocalypse with “Cape Fear” and a guardian story with “China White III.”

Eventually, the stories floating around my head while listening to such imaginative music was too much for me to bare, and I had to write them down. The stories ranged from creepy, to violent, to suspenseful; I figured Halloween-themed October was the perfect time to share them with you, dear fans.

One story, every Sunday, all month long.

Every story is based off of, and named after, songs from the album Suck Out The Poison by He Is Legend. In no particular order, you will read:

Goldie’s Torn Locks- A trailer-trash deadbeat dad finds a new spirit when called to rescue his daughter from psychotic drug dealers

(((Louds- A blind man finds that he can see through the “eyes” of a mirror in his home, but this does little to prevent his steep decent into madness.

Suck Out The Poison- The last oral entries of a man, dying alone in the woods.

Attack of the Dungeon Witch- A knight is sent to slay the seductive Witch of Wyr, destroyer of homes and torturer of men.

China White II- A young girl stumbles upon a deranged gardener that is convinced the flowers are speaking to him, and they want bodies in order to feed.

If you wish to follow me through these Tales of Terror, I encourage you to listen to the songs (YouTube has them all), read the lyrics, and form stories of your own. Post these stories (or little summaries) in the comments section, so we can all share in the celebration.

Wait patiently for explanations in the night.                                                                                                             We cannot be the only ghosts to float this high.


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