The Tale of Nat and Daagon

In Times past, there was a Snake that lived in the Fields of Tan’barr, roamed the Hills of Q’alynn, and feasted in the Gardens of the Broken Swords. This was before the transformation when Serpents still walked among the Inhabitants of this World.
How this wretched Creature came into existence, the Ancients know not. What they do know is that his Name was Daagon, and his was a Soul of pure Evil.
Now, there was also a Girl in that time named Nat, and she came from the Village of Tan’llil, outside the Fields of Tan’barr. She loved exploring the Fields, and the surrounding Woods. All the Adults in the Village warned her of Daagon; they told her how much he loved to eat the Fingers of little Children, and the Wings of Kiras, that were kept as Pets in those Days.
In her Innocence, she could not believe that such a Beast could possibly exist, for in her Village there was no hunger, no murder, no war, and no thievery. She would cringe and cry when they told her such Stories, but still she would go out into the Fields.
Nat loved to play Games, and she would do so often. She would imagine something that she thought particularly clever, then she would begin the Game. Just when the Villagers would grow weary of her Games, she would invent a new one. Her Activities, Tricks, and Games would bring delight and awe to those in her Village, because she was special. Everyone knew that about her; she had the gift of making things happen, just because of who she was.
Her favorite Game at this time was to go out into the Field, so far that she could no longer see the Village, and release her Kira. Then she would hide, and wait for the Kira to find her again. She would trick the Kiras (for they are not too bright, as you know) by placing her Cloak on a Bush and then hiding in the tall Reeds. Her Kira would swoop down and become convinced that she had disappeared all together. It would fly off to the other Kiras in the village and tell them that its master had vanished into thin Air. Then those Kiras would start a ruckus, and start flying out in search of her. The Sky would grow dark and the Wind would come alive as hundreds of Kiras took flight.
It did not matter that she had done it a thousand times before; she was able to trick the Kira every single time, and every single time it would end with her being found rolling around on the Ground, laughing until tears rolled down her chubby Cheeks.
It came to pass that she was in the Field, about to play her Game of Hide and Seek, when Daagon came crashing through the Grasses. He stood much taller than Nat, especially while on his Hind Legs, and was clearly of intimidating size all around. He had a Mouth full of gigantic Teeth and Claws sharp as Razors. Daagon’s Eyes were the Color of Blood, and his Scales were Glacier Blue in the Sunlight. He lowered himself to look Nat in the Eyes.
Her Kira had started to shrink into the Hood of Nat’s Cloak, but finding that Nat seemed to have no fear of the Serpent, summed up the courage to sit upon her Shoulder once more.
“Why do you not fear me, Child? Surely you know who I am.” His words came out slimy with hot and putrid Breath.
“You are Daagon,” she replied courageously.
“And surely you know what I am capable of.”
She shook her Head, for in fact, she did not know, at least- not for certain. She knew that nobody in her Village would lie to her, but a story out of Ignorance? That was a whole different and entirely probable Matter.
“I eat little Girls that wander too far from the Village, and choose to play in my Fields.” And with a sharp glance to the Pet on her shoulder, “I tear off the Wings of your precious Kiras, and crunch up their Bones between my Teeth.”
“That’s not true,” she replied very matter-of-factly, meeting his Gaze once more, “because surely no Creature is capable of something so terrible.”
There was a sort of Energy in the Air at that moment, and the Daagon blinked curiously. It was as if, because she said it, it was the Truth. And now that he thought about it, he never really had met any Children from the Village, so he had never really eaten any of them. And though he cooked the Kira in a good Stew every once in a while, he wasn’t cruel in the way he went about it. Certainly he would not enjoy plucking off their Wings while they still had Life.
“You may be right, Child. I wonder, what else do you know about this World? What else can you show me?”
She knew what he was asking. So once again, she sent her Kira high into the Air, and placed her Cloak on a Bush. Then she climbed onto the Back of Daagon, and they went thundering into the Woods.
The Kiras searched for her far and wide, but she was never seen again. At least, not by the Villagers of Tan’llil.


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